Some Ice Hockey Players with Strong Starts

Ice hockey is a very tough game, yet a very popular one even among W88Asia sport bettors. You can’t simply win the game with only your strength. A well-developed strategy is also an important key to win this game. If I may say, you can only find these from talented players. In the old days, we used to refer skillful player as the experienced ones, those who have spent years in playing ice hockey. However, these days we can also find those skills from young, talented players. They came out of nowhere, yet has successfully surprised the world with their talents.

World’s Ice Hockey Young Talented Players

The world is always in need of talented players. We need someone who can make a great game. While we used to look this thing from experienced ones, this year, there are plenty of young players who are more than ready to surprise you.

William Nylander

A completely undetected young player, but after making through a few games, we finally see the unique set of skills that only belong to William Nylander. Within 22 games he played in 2015-16 campaign, he successfully made 6 goals. It’s an amazing record, though along with his 13 points.


Another young talented player is ready to shock the world. With his skills and talent, Konecny has finally showed the world what a young talented ice hockey player means. He is famous for combining some of the most difficult shots with his own strategy. It may be common among professional players, but when you see it coming from the young ones, it is truly mesmerizing. That’s what makes him a unique and favorite, even among bettors.

Brandon Carlo

Even though his play may not entirely change the team’s game, the team’s coach wasn’t mind to give him a very important role at the defense line. As a young player, he in fact still have many things to learn. However, with all the unique talents he has, it won’t be long until the world will renown him as one of the best ice hockey player on the field. When that time comes, it won’t be a mere lucky. It will be a combination of strength, talents, skills, and motivation. It’s not like betting at W88 sport. It’s something more certain in the near future.

Zach Warenski

When you recruited a new guy into the team, you normally wouldn’t expect great things to come. New players need to learn before they can be a great player. Well, that seems not working for Zach Warenski. His quick adaptation to how the team works and its strategy has purt them as one of the most offensive player in the field. With enough practice, he can surely be one of the best, among betting platforms. The coach has seen this for sure and there is no doubt there is a big change coming to the team, something that may change their future forever.