How to Turn Missed Greens in Golf into Pars

Golf is not only about hitting a ball. In this sport, you may find some ‘strange’ skill sets you won’t find on other sports. While some sport lovers may rely on prediction, like Premier League predictions for their victory, games is something completely different. Little pitch shot is one nice example for that.

Little, but really troublesome

Little pitch shots are some real problems for golfers. They bring at least 2 serious issues to every golfer. First, these hots use too much loft. In golf, the more loft only means one thing: you need bigger swing than you normally do. The next problem comes from the swing. The more swings you have in your play, the more things can go to the wrong way. That means, unless you are not going to play on golf course, you should keep the lob wedge in your bag.

The second issue has something to do with your trust and impact. Many golfers don’t have enough trust in their love. As the result, they try to balance it with more impact. When this comes as the problem, the golfer would tend to do almost anything to give more impact, which unfortunately helps nothing.

How to fix it

Let me show you some simple solutions to fix this problem. Don’t worry, I am not giving you something uncertain, something similar to soccer bettors use with their Premier League predictions. What you’re going to learn from here on is everything you can actually practice on a real golf course.

  • You need to take a narrow stance. Make sure you have the ball right in the middle. Once you did these, favor your front foot.
  • Next, you should lean the shaft towards the ball. Don’t forget to give light pressure to your grip.
  • Now, please swing straight back. For this, you need to deliver the right momentum to your wrists.
  • At this step, we won’t need the hinge, so don’t add it. It will only lead to fat shots, just like if you let the club sweep inside.
  • Let’s carefully swing down now and through the grass. At this moment, you need to shift your knees softly forward. Please keep your clubhead low after the impact.
  • Keep turning your body to allow you see the target. Keep your arms soft and use your front foot to hold your weight.
  • Now, you’re ready to make the putt.

The basics

There is a good test to determine whether you have deliver a good swing. Your finishing is the key for that. If it drops to be a very short one, you probably made it too far. To fix this, you better reduce your power. If it is longer than your expected backswing, you may need to increase your speed through impact. All you need is an unforced and smooth follow-through to make it perfect.

Turning missed greens in golf into pars is actually easy. The most important thing is you don’t need myths to get these things done. In golf, Hummustir speak about techniques, not predictions like soccer bettors do with something like Premier League predictions.