Betting Tips

How to Sign Up at Bookmakers

Why You Should Register via Our Sign Up Tutorials

Our sign up tutorials explain in detail how to register at our recommended bookmakers. While the procedure itself seems easy and straight-forward, there are few hurdles you may encounter, and we want to make sure you don’t.

The tutorials follow the registration process step-by-step and give you important advice on what data to enter. The bookmakers’ registration webpages are displayed through screenshots, where we highlight the most important fields you have to fill in.

If you’re more comfortable with visual explanation, watch our videos that go through the whole registration procedure (we actually register a new user) and show you how it’s done.

The best and quickest way to register at our suggested bookmakers is by opening two separate windows on your desktop; the first one with our sign up tutorials and the second one with the bookies’ sign up page. Make sure you access bookmaker’s website through our sign up tutorials to receive an instant welcome bonus on your first deposit.

Five most common mistakes new gamblers make when signing up at a bookie

1. They don’t read bookmaker’s terms and conditions

Every gambling operator has specific rules, which the majority of bettors are unaware of, until they encounter a serious issue and put all the blame on the bookie.; however, more often than not, the bookmaker is right, while the punters are reminded to read the terms and conditions, before performing any betting actions.

2. They use weak passwords

The dangers of weak passwords have been reiterated virtually on every website that invites users to register, yet people’s complacency when it comes to protect their personal accounts has no limits.  You should always use complex passwords, which have at least 8 letters, numbers and other symbols, furthermore, you should change them frequently as hackers aren’t going anywhere yet.

3. They forget the security question/number

The security question or number is often overlooked because it doesn’t have the word “password” in it; however, it is arguably more important than your password, as bookmakers require it in case you lose/forget your registration details.

4. They don’t provide the correct residence address

If you don’t provide your actual residence address, you won’t be able to verify your account, and thus withdraw your winnings. Bookmakers require scanned bills or personal documents as proof to your location.

5. They choose the wrong payment method

That may sound strange to you but a lot of bookmakers require withdrawing your funds via the same method you used when making deposits. And if, for instance, the debit card you used when depositing has expired, the bookie may delay your payments until you submit additional documents. We recommend using Skrill or Neteller for all your payment needs.