How to Make Effective Shoots in Soccer

How to Make Effective Shoots in Soccer

Wayne Gretzky, a hockey player, once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” This is quite true, even though Gretzky is a hockey player. Many soccer players, especially the newcomers, are hesitate to shoot. With every opportunity to make a goal in every shot, wasting them is not an option. The more hesitation you have to shoot, the less likely you will make a goal. This happens everywhere, including at matches bet.

Tips for effective shoots

A friend of mine from Fun88 sport once told me some simple ways you can use to make effective shoots:

  • Maintain your composure
  • Shoot the ball on the middle to top half of it.
  • Keep your eyes on and head down the ball when shooting.
  • Your non-kicking foot should be always alongside the ball
  • Shoot with your strongest foot
  • Observe the goalkeeper’s position.

As for improving the chance of making goal, he also told me:

  • Keep your shot wide, not high to keep the ball hits the target.
  • Shoot low because the goalkeeper will less likely focus his target on his lower part of his body.
  • Shoot across the goalkeeper. This direction is usually more difficult for them to handle. You can use this chance to increase the chance to make a goal.

The Most Scored Spots

You may have heard about sweet spot in soccer. This term refers to some spots where you could target and it will high likely make a goal. The name is given after some studies revealed the following facts about the net:

  • Top right: 5%
  • Top center: 4%
  • Top left: 8%
  • Bottom right: 19%
  • Bottom center: 21%
  • Bottom left: 22%

Look at these stats. More than 60% of all goals made in all matches were scored low. This makes sense, actually, because as reported by Fun88 sport, these places are very difficult to control. It’s much easier for goalkeepers to block shoots aimed at higher part of the net.

Using this statistic, you can consider your next target. However, don’t forget to practice more and more to improve your skills. Practice is the key because even though you have the knowledge about the perfect shooting direction, you still need the strength and strategy to make the shoot unpredictable and therefore, increase the chance of making a goal.

Also, let me remind you the most important thing. Never hesitate to shoot. It’s okay to make mistakes for the first time. If you see the opportunity, don’t hesitate to take it. The only way for you to move on from that hesitation and learn more to make effective shoots is by learning and eliminating any hesitation. Every soccer player begins their career just like you do. The only difference they make from failed players is they move forward without hesitation. So, if you want to be one of them, let’s eliminate that hesitation.