Different Types of Soccer Balls

There are various types of soccer balls we have today. They include:

  • Futsal ball
  • Indoor balls
  • Promotional balls
  • Camp balls
  • Match balls
  • Professional match balls

Professional match balls

Professional match balls are specific balls designed for world-class professional matches. In order to make these balls, the manufacture should acquire certain license from a specific organization, such as the FIFA. The organization will then embed their logo on the ball surface as the sign of its approval. Professional match balls use at least 5 different layers and of course, the best material. Every layer is important to deliver the perfect impact on the ball and make the ball fly at the perfect direction as the player wants it to. Due to their complex structure, these balls are usually the most expensive balls compared to the others. Sometimes, if you go to a place like Bandar88 sport betting, people determine the outcome of a soccer game based on the ball used in the game.

Match balls

Match balls is the next type of soccer balls, designed for regular soccer matches. They usually cost more than practice soccer balls and cheaper than the professional soccer ball. Well, that makes sense because match balls have less complex structures (only 4 layers are required to make this ball) and don’t need approval for their use. However, for a trust reasons, sometimes you can find match balls with imprinted “FIFA Inspected” or “FIFA Approved” logo on the ball surface.

Camp balls

At the lower level, we have camp balls. As the name suggests, these balls are not meant for professional or regular soccer matches. Due to this, if you inspect the inner parts of this ball, you will only find 4 or less layers. That’s not just it. The ball is made with different materials than professional and match soccer balls, also with lower quality. Usually, manufacturers use PVC to make balls like this. Sometimes, camp balls are also created with molded panels. That means the manufacturer combine several parts and mold them to create one camp ball, instead of sewing them like the professional or soccer match balls. When compared to the previous soccer balls, camp balls are usually tougher when used on rough courses.

Promotional balls

Promotional balls are very specific soccer balls you won’t find on any official match. These balls are made for commercial uses, such as brand promotion or anything like that. Because of this, some promotional balls don’t even meet with international standard size of soccer balls. They may come in smaller size than the other soccer balls. Since they don’t meet the standard size, these balls are never intended to be used for both practice and match purposes. You can see one of them used by the sport betting.

Indoor balls

Indoor balls come with similar texture with tennis balls, mostly because they are made with similar materials. You can easily recognize this ball since they have the same size with the outdoor soccer balls.