How to Choose the Perfect Golf Disc

Welcome to one of the most exciting, unique, and challenging sports: disc golf! You may have never heard about this game before, unlike soccer, tennis, or sports event which even make their way to betting platform, such as M88 sport.

Basically, disc golf is a game where you throw a disc to a specific target. As the name suggests, this game requires only several discs per player. A simple game with a simple rule and tools. However, even a simple game like this won’t be too easy to win. There are many things you should master. One of them is your disc.

The discs

In disc golf, the discs come with specific design. Each disc provides various flight paths within different playing conditions. That’s why it is very important to understand the disc you want to use in the game. You need to know their maximum distance, velocity, and tricks. On top of that, you need to build your own strategy on how to use the discs to win the game. It’s a strategy game after all, something you can’t win without a well-developed strategy, just like M88 sport.

What to look for

As I’ve said to you earlier, each disc is different. They can provide different results under different conditions. Now, in order to win a game, your discs should perform exactly as you want them. You surely don’t want them to misbehave and fly to random direction, do you?

The question is, what makes a perfect disc? What should you consider in choosing the right discs for your game?


Each disc has different stability rate. The highest rate is 3.0. The higher the rate, the disc will be more difficult to control, usually unstable, and tend to hyzer. Unless the game requires this specific disc, you may need something with lower rate. The key is to synchronize between your strategy, equipment, and the game condition. This is one important thing I learn from M88 sport.


A perfect disc for your game should also have the perfect weight. As you can see, weight affects stability. The heavier your disc, the more difficult it will be to control. So, if I may recommend, it’s probably better for you to start your game with a lighter disc, not because you don’t have the strength to throw it, but to give the disc a more control towards your target. Per my experience, discs less than 165 grams can be perfect choices for your game.

One of my friend, who love to bet on golf disc at M88 sport, once told me one important lesson about this game. There are some special classes of disc weight in this game. You may recognize 150 class as one of them. The discs under this category are less than 151 grams. They are very popular for being easy to throw and control. Some player even made their title with these discs.