Italian Football Rivalries You Must Not Miss

In this summer, any performances of football began to be held. Many countries whole in the world began to hold some various leagues in this season. Not least in the Italian state also held domestic soccer league. The country that familiar with favorite food, pizza has just started a few weeks ago. One of the prestigious football leagues in this world is followed by twenty best football clubs in the land of Italy. The festive football league in Italy is already there since the eighties and nineties. Every Italian league match is always packed with supporters of their beloved football clubs. Twenty teams have registered for the championship in this season which will be presenting a spectacular and exciting game. Bellow some facts in the Italy Football Competition.

  • Last season in Italian league, the football club that has already won is Juventus. Juveformally became the champion of the 2015/2016 season after success beat Sampdoriawith score 5 – 0in closing match of Serie A Italian league on Saturday the fourteenth of last May . Football club captained by GianluggiBuffon has bagged as many as 91 points, and this makes them sturdy above standings board. Points earned this juve has a considerable difference from the runner up of serie A Italian League, Napoli who closed to within nine points behind Juve . Then, in thethird rankis followed by AS Roma who beat AC Milan 3-1 at the San Siro. AS Roma bagged two points behind napoli. The three names that listed in the club’s top three standings board is automatically included in the list of football clubs that follow in the Champions League in this season.
  • In this season, there are some football clubs will fight strongly to be a champion of serie A Italian League. Some big football clubs in Italian state will show their best performances. Names of big football club in this state will make this league more spectacular and excited. Juventus that has been being a champion in recently years ago will hold on their performances for grabbing the champion in this season. serie A Italian League will enter fourth week in this season. Internazionale Milan will face juventus in this week at San Siro stadium, the inter’s home. This match will be one of ten big match that be held in this week. Juve has already passed three matches with good result. In other hands, inter Milan is in good condition. Inter Milan rapidly increases to win every match.

Not only juve that became a rival for inter Milan, a football club in the same city, AC Milan also became another rival for inter Milan. AC Milan has passed last four match since the league be held in this season two times as a winner and two times left as a looser. In other sides, inter Milan is increasing their performances  because of their positions still below of AC Milan. Derby Della Madonnia will be an excited match in serie A Italian League. The match is full of pride and prestige in Milan city.