How to Become a Better Golf Player

How far have you gone in golf? If you think you’ve made no progress, then perhaps it’s time for you to improve you play. Let’s learn how to do it. I’m going to show you the 3 easy ways to become a better golf player. FYI, I learned them from a friend of mine, a bettor at 188bet.

Align the Clubface

One of the most common mistakes among golf players is improper alignment. Some players think aligning their feet will do some good, while others think parallel shoulders will do. Well, here is the fact. None of them is right.

My friend, the one from 188bet, told me this. If you want to align your shots, you should assess your target first from behind the ball. It will give you the right perspective of the hole, while at the same time aim your shot to the right direction. The next thing is, before you make the stance, you need to set your clubface behind the ball and align it at the target.

After you aligned your clubface, you should situate your body. You can begin with your left lower body, relative to the target line and proceed with upper body.

Pick the Right Club

Another common mistake golf players make is when they chose their club. Many players, as my 188bet friend found out, chose their club based on length. Shorter clubs for shorter holes. Longer clubs for longer holes and so on. The truth is, picking the right club involves many more things than just length. It also involves natural shot tendencies, hidden dangers, hazards, wind, type of approach shot, and many things else. The last, however, is the most important. Even if the hole is 365 yards long, you can still make it with 70-80-yard approach.

There is one more thing. I also learn from my friend, both a pro golf player and bettor at ID88, that a shot with a 3-word will more likely hit the fart hole than a driver shot. If you can make this shot, I can see a bright future waiting for you in your golf career.

Keep Your Stance

Some players think they should adjust their stance as the game goes on and sometimes based on their club. Well, there is another mistake they make. Don’t let this idea affects your play. Whenever you need to perform a full shot (not putts, chips, or pitches), the most important thing you should remember is to maintain your stance. A consistent stance is very important to become a better golf player, as my 188bet friend suggested to me.

That’s not to say this method comes with 100% perfectness. There are still some minor things you should adjust to deliver the perfect shot, including the stance width, ball position, and spine angle. Take your time on learning these things and how each of them affect your plays. The more you practice, the more you can master to become a better golf player.