Basketball Basic Rules

Before you decided to bet on basketball, it is very important to understand how this simple game works. It’s better to learn about it now, because once you made the bet at your favorite betting platform, like M88 for example, it would be too late to learn.

A Game for Team

Basketball is a team game. This game involves 2 teams and the only way to win the game is to score more goals than another team. When a team scored a goal, the ball will move to the opponent. If the goal is made from outside the special 3-point arc, that single shot is worth 3 points, while a free throw equals 1 point. A team will get free throw is a number of fouls involved by the opponent. Fouling a player also results in either 3 or 2 free throw for the shooter. This depends on the foul location. If it happened beyond the 3-point arc, the shooter will get 3 free throws. There are also other fouls in a basketball game, but they will not be given until it reaches a specific amount which will be decided by the referee. If the referee signals the foul, the ‘victim’ will get a 1-and-1 chance. This means if the shooter makes goal with this first throw, he will get another shot. However, if he misses it, the game will continue.

It is very important to understand this rule because it will help you point out the winner of the game, which means saving your wage. M88 is one of betting platforms nowadays who still recommend its players to learn each game before betting on it. As for basketball, each match is divided into different sections. There are 2 halves for every level. If you choose to bet on basketball college on M88, you’ll bet for 20 minutes for each half. Sometimes the number may increase to 6 or 8 minute quarters, like in high school basketball match. In a basketball match, there is also several minute gap between the two halves. It will become shorter when it turns out to be quarters. If there is still no winner after those two halves, you may need to adjust your bet at M88 because an extra time will be played.

Both teams have to defend the opponent from making a goal into their basket. When the halftime reaches, both will switch their place. So, when will the bet at W88 start? It will start when one player from both teams move to the center. With a referee, they will use a toss to decide which team begins the game. This is called a basketball tip-off. Once the game begins, every player should do their best to help you win the bet by making as many goals as possible. Everything must be done without making fouls and before the 2 halves ended. With a relatively small court, watching a basketball game is always very exciting and intense.